We've always had sort of mixed feelings about this time of year and what it means for our business.

We try to keep our prices fair, at a level where we can make a reasonable profit, but without taking advantage of anyone. We also understand that we're producing work in way that leads to higher costs than if we just had everything made overseas out of whatever material we could get cheapest. The resulting cost structure puts our furniture out of comfortable reach for some people, who might rely on discounts to bring it more in line with what they'd like to pay.

At the same time, turning everything into a sales opportunity doesn't quite feel right either. We like the idea of the holidays being a time to connect with family and friends, and not just to consume. For the past few years, we have used this space between Thanksgiving and the end of the year to try to raise funds and awareness for different causes we feel strongly about.

We're going to combine both approaches this year. Because of some material stock considerations, we're able to discount certain products (but not all). Those sale prices are in immediate effect, no code required. We're also increasing our normal 1% contribution and instead sending a flat 15% of all online sales made between now and the end of the year to Crisis Text Line.

Why there?

Fundamentally, we believe that we have a duty to try to make the world a better place for everyone in it. There is also a profound need for mental health help in this country. Scott has been a volunteer for Crisis Text Line since 2021, and has seen firsthand the good that well-timed empathy can do for people. We're proud to help support this important service with both time and money.

(If you're interested in volunteering and want to talk about what to expect, please drop a line.)

(And if you're in crisis and need to talk to someone, text HOME to 741741 to reach a volunteer Crisis Counselor.)