Housefish is a design laboratory merging technology and craft to produce useful, innovative, sustainable, and affordable modern goods. All of our products are produced in Denver, Colorado using a blend of advanced digital manufacturing techniques and hands-on craft methods. We are fanatic about local sourcing- nearly everything we buy, right down to the screws, is produced in the USA, and most of that right here in Colorado.

Housefish was founded by Scott Bennett. Driven by a childhood love of F1 racing, Scott earned an automotive engineering degree from Loughborough University in England. He went on to be part of design teams for cars that have won the Indy 500, Indycar championship, and Baja off road races. He also helped setup new American-based Indycar and Formula 1 constructors, and branched out along the way to work on aircraft, industrial equipment, and consumer products. A changing landscape in racing led to a permanent shift to furniture design, and the formation of Housefish in 2008.

We believe that we have a duty to try to make the world a better place for everyone in it. As part of that belief, we contribute a flat 1% of all sales (commercial, retail, wholesale, design services, contract manufacturing, everything) to Crisis Text Line. Scott has been a volunteer there since 2021, and has seen firsthand the good that well-timed empathy can do for people. We're proud to help support this important service. (If you're interested in volunteering and want to talk about what it's like, please drop a line.)