AIGA Chaircuterie Event

We have partnered with AIGA Colorado on their upcoming Chaircuterie fundraiser. This is your chance to design a chair or a create a 2D chair-themed image to celebrate the AIGA’s 100th anniversary. You can start with a slot together flat pack chair we designed especially for this event, or go solo and do your own […]

Welcome Perch’d

We are super excited to welcome Perch’d in Oklahoma City to the Housefish family. Their shipping container showroom will soon have a couple of Lock chairs alongside some of our favorites from Bend, David Trubridge, and Modfire. Can’t wait to take a road trip this summer and check it out in person.

CARBON Chair Prototype

Introducing CARBON. Developed for the 2014 Design After Dark event, we created an entirely new proprietary concrete formulation using carbon fibers as reinforcement, rather than the typical gravel, steel, or glass fibers. The result is a lightweight, strong, efficient material that can be cast very thin, in this case, into a mold machined on a […]

2014 Design After Dark

This Friday, January 31st is the 10th installment of the Denver Art Museum’s Design After Dark event. To celebrate the anniversary, they changed the format a bit and asked 10 designers and artists to create a series of five pieces around the theme “CAST”. We like taking opportunities like this to do something that’s been […]

Now Available at Stylegarage

We are happy and flattered to announce that the Lock chair is on the floor at Stylegarage, with locations in Toronto and Vancouver. Looks pretty sharp with that Gus* Modern School Table too.

Housefish Ashes Chair at Design After Dark 2013

We were very excited and honored to be asked to submit a piece for this years Design After Dark auction (this Friday, February 8th) to benefit the Design & Architecture department at the Denver Art Museum. This year’s theme is “Cirque,” and participants were randomly assigned one of three themes around which to base their […]

Name This Chair and Then Receive It

EDIT- Thanks to Eliza A, our newest chair is named “Lock.” And huge thanks to everyone who submitted a name, we had some great choices to sort through. These are the last three preproduction test articles of our newest product, which is now just about ready for production and shipping. The cool structural thing about […]

Thanks for Making 2012 Great

2012 has been our best year yet, and we couldn’t have done it without you. To say thanks, we want to give you 30% off anything we have. Just enter the code thanks at checkout. (Valid until Monday November 26th)

Now in Canada!

We just shipped floor samples to our very first Canadian retailer, Lofty Ambitions in Hamilton, Ontario (just outside Toronto). Welcome!