Goodbye Foam

We are very pleased to announce we have just completed our switch to 100% paper-based internal packaging materials. Any Key modular storage orders shipped after today will be completely free of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS, e.g. Styrofoam) and Polyethylene (PE, e.g. foam wrap).

They have been replaced by Hexacomb kraft paper honeycomb, and cellulose wadding (which is a bit like extra thick toilet paper). Both products are made from 100% recycled fiber, and are themselves recyclable with your normal household paper or cardboard. Order something so you can see it in person! This change did affect our packaging costs, but it was a modest increase that we are able to absorb.

The only bit of plastic left on our products is the tape used to seal the boxes, and this will be switched over to reinforced paper tape just as soon as we get our dispenser. (Gummed paper tape uses a water-activated adhesive, so it requires a special dispenser that moistens the tape as it dispenses.)